Blue Öyster Cult – iHeart Radio Theater (re-issue)

Blue Öyster Cult – iHeart Radio Theater

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: June 12th, 2020


That live album was done to celebrate BLUE ÖYSTER CULTs 40th band anniversary and the release of the Columbia CD box set in 2012. The current line-up played an impressive „BestOf“ show with no hits missing. You can hear the joy of playing in every minute of the show starting with the classic “R U Ready 2 Rock“ to the finishing monster hit “Don‘t Fear) The Reaper. In-between songs like “Burnin‘ For You“; “This Ain‘t The Summer Of Love“ or the monumental “ Godzilla“ are as good as ever. Though there is no stream available as I am writing this, I have no doubt that the visual aspects either on DVD or Blu-Ray will be great as well. Although I have a dozen + live recordings of BÖC in my collection already, I definetely will add this one with joy. Highly recommmended!


Andreas Höhn


1. R U Ready 2 Rock

2. Golden Age Of Leather

3. Burnin’ For You

4. This Ain’t The Summer Of Love

5. Shooting Shark

6. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

7. Career Of Evil

8. The Vigil

9. Black Blade

10. Godzilla

11. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Author: Andreas Höhn

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