Nitrate – Renegade

Nitrate – Renegade 

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: 30th July, 2021 


NITRATE album number three and this time it’s Alexander Strandell (ART NATION, CROWNE) from Sweden singing. Like on the first two NITRATE records, Nottingham/England-based mastermind Nick Hogg (b) manages to deliver a pure AOR record without doubt. This time, though, the Martin brothers James (keys) and Tom (b) from VEGA contribute many of the songs and actually play on the album, too. Just check out for example the beautifully hook-driven “You Think You’Ve Got It“, the brilliantly poppy “Big City Lights“ and the mighty title track. A fantastic album with a deliberate DEF LEPPARD at “Adrenalize“ times touch! Just listen to “Addicted“! And then there is “Children Of The Lost Brigade “ with all the elements a potential melodic rock hit song striving for their respective fanbase should have. Unfortunately, MTV like in the late eighties doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks for keeping this very style alive and kickin’! Fans of the genre can be more then delighted! You can’t actually do it much better. Up to this day, along with MIDNITE CITY, absolutely my record of the year.


Martin Stark


1. Danger Zone

2. Renegade

3. You Think You’ve Got It

4. Big City Lights

5. Why Can’t You Feel My Love

6. Children Of The Lost Brigade

7. Addicted

8. Alibi

9. Lay Down Your Arms

10. Edge Of Surrender

11. Take Me Back

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