Cats In Space – Atlantis

Cats In Space – Atlantis

Label: Harmony Factory

Release date: 27.11.2020


CATS IN SPACE from England actually never disappoint. Apart from GATHERING OF KINGS and THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA they are THE band in terms of retro seventies pomp sounds. Songs like “Spaceship Superstar“ (not only because of its lovely rendition of GENESIS’ “Turn It On A Again“) or the brilliant “Revolution“ for instance are multi-layered gems that include a QUEEN-like theatrical approach. And style-wise, THE BEATLES are around, too. Comes with a very warm, pleasant and analogue (sounding) production which makes “Atlantis“ nothing but a wonderful record. New vocalist Damian Edwards does a great job as he offers an amazing range and can easily transport the emotions needed for the rather complex compositions. “Listen To The Radio“ furthermore, is more than just a secret hit. The song “Marionettes“ by the way could have been from the mighty TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, though.  And last but not least, once again the Brits offer a fantastic artwork…which will look even better on the vinyl version which is available, of course… That’s the stuff you need! That’s real music. Music with passion!


Martin Stark


1. Dive!

2. Spaceship Superstar

3. Revolution

4. Sunday Best

5. Listen To The Radio

6. I Fell Out Of Love With Rock ‘n’ Roll

7. Marionettes

8. Queen Of The Neverland

9. Magic Lovin’ Feelin’

10. Can’t Wait For Tomorrow

11. Seasons Change

12. Atlantis

Cats In Space – I Fell Out Of Love With Rock N Roll (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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