Brother Against Brother – Brother Against Brother

Brother Against Brother – Brother Against Brother

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 18th June, 2021 


BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER, similar to the beloved ALLEN/LANDE records, is a collaboration of two singers, once again overseen and put together by the Italian Frontiers Music label. Here, it’s the two Brazilians Renan Zonta (ELECTRIC MOB) and Nando Fernandes (SINISTRA) who fit and compliment each other very well. Powerful melodic hard rock with considerable slices of metal is the program in this case. “Brother Against Brother“ is an album without fillers more or less but also a record without any real surprises, too. Appropriate appetizers could be “Two Brothers“ and “Haunted Heart“ which represent the album pretty well. Written by Alessandro Del Vecchio (JORN, REVOLUTION SAINTS, EDGE OF FOREVER). Unfortunately not all eleven songs (e.g. “Deadly Sins“) meet the same level of quality and it’s quite predictable but at the end of the day, it’s amore than solid melodic metal / rock piece.


Martin Stark


1. Two Brothers 3:58

2. What If 4:43

3. City Of Gold 4:19

4. Heaven Sent 5:44

5. Haunted Heart 3:49

6. Deadly Sins 3:54

7. In The Name Of Life 3:55

8. Demons In My Head 4:34

9. Whispers In Darkness 6:03

10. Valley Of The Kings 4:12

11. Lost Son 3:16

Author: Martin Stark

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