Kent Hilli – The Rumble

Kent Hilli – The Rumble 

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 18th June, 2021 


The Swede who regularly sings with PERFECT PLAN surprises with a very fine solo debut. “The Rumble“ has been written by HILLI himself and has been produced by Michael Palace (PALACE, FIND ME). If you are into PERFECT PLAN, you actually can’t go wrong here, of course. Melodies all over the place and you also get a few little surprises style-wise but he never leaves the path of the genre, driving rockers and big-time ballads included. Nevertheless, the songs are never really far away from PERFECT PLAN, so the question if this output really makes sense might well be asked. But probably the sheer quality of the material is an appropriate answer.  Cool stuff indeed from up North! Just check out the hook-driven “I Can’t Wait“ or “Does It Feel Like Love“. As well as the amazing “Love Can Last Forever“ for a glimpse on what the Swede is doing on “The Rumble”.


Martin Stark


1. The Rumble (Never Say Die) 5:10

2. Cold 4:38

3. All For Love 4:23

4. I Can’t Wait 4:52

5. Don’t Say It’s Forever 4:42

6. Miss Up To No Good 5:07

7. Heaven Can Wait 4:25

8. Does It Feel Like Love 3:50

9. Love Can Last Forever 4:35

10. Never Be Mine 4:43

11. Still In Love 4:26

Author: Martin Stark

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