Crowne – Kings Of The North

Crowne – Kings Of The North 

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 18th June, 2021 


CROWNE is a Swedish AOR/melodic supergroup. Alexander Strandell (v, ART NATION), Jona Tee (g/keys, H.E.A.T.), John Levén (b, EUROPE) and Christian „Kicken“ Lundqvist (d, ex THE POODLES) are nothing but heavy weights within the scene. This band sounds exactly like you would expect them to sound like given their respective main bands. Project yes or no, songs like the title track “Kings Of The North“, the hook-driven “Perceval“ or the mighty “Save Me From Myself“ are simply amazing. I’m pretty sure there will be more records of CROWNE in the future as this clearly is one of the better projects the Italians have ever launched, and they surely had a lot. Jone Tee showcases lots of guitar playing here although the keyboard player, who also produced the album, plays alongside Love Magnusson (g, DYNAZTY), who is responsible for all the solos on the album. “Kings Of The North“ is a hot contender for AOR record of the year lists. Sweden simply rocks!


Martin Stark


1.  Kings In The North 3:59

2.  Perceval 4:10

3.  Sharoline 4:11

4.  Unbreakable 3:47

5.  Mad World 4:06

6.  One In A Million 3:46

7.  Sum Of All Fears 4:22

8.  Set Me Free 4:07

9.  Make A Stand 3:40

10. Cross To Bear 3:27

11. Save Me From Myself 3:37

Author: Martin Stark

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