Alcatrazz – Born Innocent

Alcatrazz – Born Innocent

Label: Silver Lining

Release date: 31.07.2020


GRAHAM BONNET is a phenomenon – now aged 72, he still is able to deliver a top class vocal performance. The songs on ALCATRAZZ’ new record, the first one since 34 years, seem to be tailor-made for his voice. Just like the new LIONHEART disc, “Born Innocent” will also take you back onto a trip to the glorious 80’s when formidable Hard Rock of this kind ruled the scene and the airwaves.

ALCATRAZZ’ sound always had put a focus onto BONNET’s voice, Jimmy Waldo’s keyboards and the specific shredding type of guitar hero performance. JOE STUMP (REIGN OF TERROR) is the new man on the six-string and delivers a world-class performance in the style of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. Guests on this album include CHRIS IMPELLITTERI, BOB KULICK and Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR).

If you are a fan of RAINBOW, MSG, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and ALCATRAZZ, then this album is a must have!


Birgitt Schwanke

Track list:

  1. Born Innocent
  2. Polar Bear
  3. Finn McCool
  4. We Still Remember
  5. London 1666
  6. Dirty Like The City
  7. I Am The King
  8. Something That I Am Missing
  9. Paper Flags
  10. The Wound Is Open
  11. Body Beautiful
  12. Warth Lane
  13. For Tony
Alcatrazz – Polar Bear (Official Video)

Author: Birgitt Schwanke

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