Eclipse – Viva La VicTOURia

Eclipse – Viva La VicTOURia

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 06.11.2020


Anybody having doubts about ECLIPSE being one of the best bands around these days? Well, “Viva La Victouria“ should wipe them aways completely. The first official live release of the Swedish band recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden at the end of 2019 showcases them with lots of enthusiasm, a strong setlist and a very authentic sound. The camera cuts are pretty fast and dynamic at times giving you the impression of being right in the middle of the action. Band classics like “I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry“, “The Storm“ or “Runaways“ you also get songs, that are not regularly played, like “Jaded“ or “When Winter Ends“. As a bonus there is some backstage footage and more importantly, there are also a handful of songs from a streaming-gig the band played at the beginning of the pandemic, the so called „Quarantine Live“ versions plus a newly recorded studio song, a cover song by the name of “Driving One Of Your Cars“ and two acoustic songs. Although the bands talks Swedish throughout the gig, it’s simply the music of the highly talented and sympathetic four-piece that counts here. Comes as 2CD/DVD or as stand-alone Blu-ray or as a beautiful 3 disc vinyl in blue, red and white. ECLIPSE is THE melodic rock band out there you don’t want to miss!


Martin Stark


CD 1

01. Viva La Victoria

02. Mary Leigh

03. Blood Wants Blood

04. The Storm

05. Vertigo

06. Jaded

07. Shelter Me

08. United

09. The Downfall Of Eden

10. When The Winter Ends

11. Take Me Home

12. Battlegrounds



01. Black Rain

02. Blood Enemies

03. Stand On Your Feet

04. Runaways

05. I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry

06. Never Look Back

07. Driving One Of Your Cars (Studio Version)

08. The Downfall Of Eden (Acoustic Version)

09. When The Winter Ends (Acoustic Version)

10. Battlegrounds (Quarantine Live)

11. Driving One Of Your Cars (Quarantine Live)

12. Delirious (Quarantine Live)



18 Songs + Documentary

Author: Martin Stark

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