Room Experience – Another Time And Place

Room Experience – Another Time And Place

Label: Art Of Melody Music

Release date: out now


ROOM EXPERIENCE stand for AOR with a little bit of Classic Rock inbetween. The Italian outfit is able to have German vocalist David Readman (PINK CREAM 69, ex ALMANAC, ex VOODOO CIRCLE) on board for their second album again as well as several other guests like Iván Gonzalez (g, 91 SUITE, RAINTIMES) or Lorenzo Foddai (g, AIRBOUND) among many others. Mainman Gianluca Firmo (keys) wrote lots of outstanding tracks. Just check out the emotional “The Distance“, which comes in two different versions on the album, the pretty powerful “Strangers In The Night“ or the guitar-driven “The Miles That Make A Road“ with its groove and cool hookline. To cut a long story short: ROOM EXPERIENCE offers exactly the type of music to beam you to another, better and timeless place! A place, where real music and melodies foremost were important. Songwriting, performance, production and artwork, too – everything is way above average here. “Another Time And Place“ is a real gem of the genre and does offer large potential to become a future genre classic. Mix and mastering was handled by Alessandro Del Vecchio (REVOLUTION SAINTS, HARDLINE, EGDE OF FOREVER). Great record!


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. Hear Another Song 3:25

2. Wild Heart 4:11

3. Disappointed 3:04

4. Strangers In The Night 4:06

5. The Distance 4:56

6. Shout 3:48

7. Another Time And Place 3:41

8. The Miles That Make A Road 4:19

9. The Night Goes On 3:49

10. A Thousand Lies 3:45

11. Your Voice Inside 4:33

12. The Distance (alt. vocals) 4:56

Author: Martin Stark

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