Andrée Theander – The Peculiar Present

Andrée Theander – The Peculiar Present

Label: self-released

Release date: June 26th, 2020


You might have heard the artist‘s name from THE THEANDER EXPRESSION, a Westcoast orientated project, who have two CDs under their belt already. A few years ago, main man Andrée Theander had the idea to do some solo stuff, different to the sounds he used to do before. So if you are expecting an album in the TA vein – don‘t read any further. “The Peculiar Present“ is singer / songwriter orientated and more than once I feel myself reminded on the 90’s solo stuff from JOEY TEMPEST’s “A Place To Call Home“.  Great melodies, no matter if you take the easy listening opener “Dare To Try“, the funky tinged title cut or “What‘s It Like To Cover“, there is quality all over the place. Give this record a spin or two more and you will be rewarded with this peculiar record in the end. And guess what – the man is a very good vocalist too!


Andreas Höhn

Track list:

1. Dare To Try

2. The Peculiar Present

3. Words I‘ve Never Used

4. What‘s It Like To Cover

5. Ready For Tomorrow

6. Sweet Alder

7. Mr. Mastermind

8. The Competition

9. Train Of Dreams

10. A Fool‘s Idea Of Glory

Andrée Theander – Ready For Tomorrow (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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