James Reyne – Toon Town Lullaby

James Reyne – Toon Town Lullaby

Label: Bloodlines

Release date: July 10th, 2019

Website: www.jamesreyne.com.au

JAMES REYNE surely is one oif the most famous Australian musicians of all times with six top ten single hits and 11 top ten albums in his agenda. “Toon Town Lullabby“ is his first solo record in eight years and everybody who likes a lighter version of his label mate JIMMY BARNES should give this CD a try. Whether it was a good idea to put the rather melancholy title track at the very beginning you have to ask the artist himself, but I would prefer the rockier  “A Little Town South Of Bakersfield“ or the catchy “Calamity Jane“, probably the  best track the man recorded since his AUSTRALIAN CRAWL days. Nearly equally as good is „Trying To Write A Love Song“ according to his bio REYNEs first effort to do so. “Last Great Love Affair“ and “Wrong Guy“ close a CD that can easily fit in every COLD CHISEL collection for sure.


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Toon Town Lullaby

2. A Little Town South Of Bakersfield

3. Long Hanging Fruit

4. Burning Books

5. Calamity Jane

6. Trying To Write A Love Song

7. This Time

8. The Tallest Man I Ever Knew

9. Last Great Love Affair

10. Wrong Guy

James Reyne – Toon Town Lullaby (Video Clip)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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