Landfall – The Turning Point

Landfall – The Turning Point

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: September 4th, 2020


Wow…pure melodic rock with tons AOR elements which does not come from Sweden? Is it real? Well, thanks to LANDFALL, formerly known as W.I.L.D., from Brazil that’s actually not much of a problem. They showcase former AURA vocalist Gui Oliver. A strong and pristine production, an organic tension across the album and mostly superb hooklines as well as exciting arrangements let “The Turning Point“ become a true turning point. One for the career of LANDFALL, of course. Check out the energy-driven “Taxi Driver“, the very eighties-like “Across The Street“ or the very much JOURNEY-sounding „Distant Love“. And then there is the dramatic “Road Of Dreams“ with its fantastic intro and almost magical vocals. And the album ends with a real cracker by the name of “Sound Of The City“ which provides an astonishing groove you can’t escape, again very JOURNEYesque. Wow! Comes with a beautiful and fitting artwork, too. Hopefully the guys make it to European stages at some point – when this current madness is over, of course! LANDFALL rocks!


Martin Stark


1. Rush Hour

2. No Way Out

3. Jane’s Carousel

4. Across The Street

5. Don’t Come Easy

6. Taxi Driver

7. Distant Love

8. Roundabout

9. Road Of Dreams

10. Hope Hill

11. Sound Of The City

Landfall – Road Of Dreams (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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