Chez Kane – Chez Kane

Chez Kane – Chez Kane

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: March 12h, 2021


British female vocalist CHEZ KANE teamed up with Danny Rexon (CRAZY LIXX) who did the songwriting, instrumentation and took care of production for her debut. Obviously, that’s a match made in heaven from the first to the last note. Finest stuff for lovers of LEE AARON, VIXEN, SARAYA, CHRISSY STEELE, LITA FORD or ROBIN BECK. Pretty predictable to a certain degree, though, but who would expect huge stylistic surprises or progressive twists and turns in the given genre? The material is nothing but golden ear candy, AOR and melodic rock of the finest sort! Lovely CHEZ KANE and her voice will take fans of female-fronted melodic/AOR by storm easily – no doubt! Outstanding tracks like “Better Than Love“, “Rocket On The Radio“, “Defender Of The Heart“ or “Too Late For Love“ bring back 1988 easily. Another real treat is the last song on the record by the name of “Dead End Street”. THIS is how the legitimate third VIXEN record should have sounded like! Absolutely well done, Chez! (Already) my album of the year! Can’t wait for live performances, new stuff in the future and in the meantime – give the album countless new spins… 


Martin Stark


1. Better Than Love 5:09

2. All Of It 3:34

3. Rocket On The Radio 5:30

4. Get It On 4:18

5. Too Late For Love 4:13

6. Defender Of The Heart 5:33

7. Ball n’ Chain 4:37

8. Midnight Rendezvous 4:00

9. Die In The Name Of Love 4:09

10. Dead End Street 5:38

Author: Martin Stark

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