Bonfire – Roots

Bonfire – Roots

Label: AFM Records

Release date: February 26th, 2021


An (almost) acoustic record with the biggest hits certainly is not a stunning idea in the first place but here it’s pretty good – it’s as simple as that. BONFIRE, despite the line-up changes, are still a great band which is showcased by “Roots“ easily. Vocalist Alexx Stahl doesn’t have to hide from his predecessor. The newly recorded interpretations of e.g. “You Make Me Feel“, “American Nights“, “Give It A Try“, “Who’s Foolin’ Who“ or “Ready 4 The Action“ are living proofs. Everybody does a great job here. As some kind of hidden gems, you will find “quotes“ in the form of guitar licks from famous songs (from e.g. LED ZEPPELIN) in some of the songs. That’s paying homage to their heroes with the twinkling of an eye really. The song “Love Don’t Lie“ features Lydia Pané, wife of Frank Pané (g). “Roots“ in general is nothing but value for money and not only a great step into the world of BONFIRE but also a great addition to the fans’ collection which already holds most of the band’s discography. Five new songs like “Wolfmen“ which is dedicated to a motorcycle club can be found, too, and they skip the acoustic concept for the most part on those new songs. To cut a long story short: BONFIRE is alive and kicking, even if they mostly “only“ play acoustically here…


Martin Stark


CD 1
01. Starin’ Eyes
02. American Nights
03. Let Me Be Your Water
04. The Price Of Loving You
05. Comin’ Home
06. Ready 4 Reaction
07. Give It A Try
08. Sleeping All Alone
09. Who’s Foolin’ Who
10. Why Is It Never Enough

CD 2
01. Fantasy
02. When An Old Man Cries
03. Love Don’t Lie
04. Lonely Nights
05. Under Blue Skies
06. You Make Me Feel
07. No More
08. The Devil Made Me Do It
09. Without You
10. Your Love Is Heaven To Me
11. Piece Of My Heart
12. Youngbloods
13. Our Hearts Don’t Feel The Same
14. Wolfmen

Author: Martin Stark

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