Arkado – Never Say Never

Arkado – Never Say Never

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: out now


The formation of ARKADO goes way back to 1983. Back then they went under the monicker BB2 and almost 40 years later those Swedes got the itch back and release a new sign of life with “Never Say Never“. Stylewise, the band offers a lot, from AOR to pop to more singer-songwriter influenced tunes. When it comes to pop, ARKADO sounds like your fave bands from the 80s, a bit DURAN DURAN, A-HA or even LIMAHL/KAJAGOOGOO come to mind when listening to tracks like “To Leave It All Behind” – not bad at all, especially considering the fact that not too many bands create this kind of sound these days. Unfortunately, the album is not always consistant, “My Hometown”, for example, leaves me as cold as a lizard in the refrigerator (I listened to too much CROSSON admittedly!). To close off the review on a positive note, one must say that a lot of effort was put into the lyrics, too, that deal with current problems such as the environment. All in all, you cannot go wrong with ARKADO if you like your AOR the poppy way.


Kai Brockschmidt


  1. So Bad
  2. To Leave It All Behind
  3. Never Say Never
  4. Don’t Rape The Nature
  5. Walk Your Way
  6. If We Are To Last
  7. My Hometown
  8. She’s So Fine
  9. Eagle
  10. Carry My Heart
  11. Never Say Never Again
Arkado – To Leave It All Behind (Official Video)

Author: Kai Brockschmidt

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