The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (Vinyl)

The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (Vinyl)

Label: Nuclear Blast / Warner

Release date: out now


The Swedes are one of the hottest bands at the moment in the melodic universe. “Aeromantic“ is the fifth effort of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, the band featuring SOILWORK vocalist Björn Strid. The lover of vintage seventies hard and pomp rock as well as pop sounds is able to excessively play or actually live that very type of sound here. You get tons of melodies (e.g. “Servants Of The Air“, “Taurus“ or “City Lights And Moonbeams“) here, detailed arrangements and eye-twinkling lyrics but – and that’s important foremost – also a lot of fun. Party melancholic but never (too) cheesy. Whether there’s a hype concerning this band or not, “Aeromantic“ is a fantastic record, unique and unrivaled so far. Just check “Divinyls“ or “Transmission“ to validate this statement. It’s a hot contender for “album of the year“, although for whatever reason the amazing single “Satellite”, which was released last year, did not find its way on the album.

This album comes as a rich double-vinyl gatefold which is available in black and (if you are lucky and find one of the limited versions) in blue, too. The vintage style soundwise and the medium vinyl is a perfect match. Let’s lift off with our favorite airline – especially in these tough times.


Martin Stark


1 Servants Of The Air

2 Divinyls

3 If Tonight Is Your Only Chance

4 This Boys Last Summer

5 Curves

6 Transmissions

7 Aeromantic

8 Golden Swansdown

9 Taurus

10 Carmencita Seven

11 Sister Mercurial

12 Dead Of Winter

13 City Lights And Moonbeams

Author: Martin Stark

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