Natural Born Machine – Human

Natural Born Machine – Human

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: February 19th, 2021


NATURAL BORN MACHINE from Italy is a band or project (?) and the brainchild of Alberto Rigoni (b, BAD AS, VIVALDI METAL PROJECT). On vocals you get none but the mighty David Readman (PINK CREAM 69, VOODOO CIRCLE) who is doing one hell of a job bringing the material to life. I mean, has he ever disappointed? I don’t think so. “Human“ is a great record consisting of versatile hard rock, very few rather modern elements accompanied by some little progressive bits and pieces here and there. So, the band’s name might be a bit misleading as the genre is more or less hard rock and nothing too modern, though. Just check out the mighty “Moonchild“, which could easily be a (classic) PINK CREAM 69 song, and the acoustic “Stone Man“. Also the slightly epic “A New Future“ or the catchy and emotional “Reflecting My Day“ are pretty good appetizers for this interesting and well-crafted album. On top of that, there’s a really beautiful artwork accompanying the release. Well done! NATURAL BORN MACHINE – a name to remember in all respects!


Martin Stark


1. Moonchild 3:36

2. Machine 3:54

3. Won’t Be Friends 3:35

4. Monster 3:59

5. Reborn 4:05

6. A New Future 4:15

7. Beast In The Dark 5:13

8. Reflecting My Day 3:26

9. Stone Man 3:57

10. Rise 3:45

Author: Martin Stark

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