Jesse Damon – Damon’s Rage

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: February 28th, 2020


Sixth solo album by JESSE DAMON, frontman of the semi-legendary SILENT RAGE, who were signed by none other than KISS mainman GENE SIMMONS back in the 80s. And I honestly have to confess I didn‘t expect “Damon‘s Rage“ as being that good. Gone are the lame acoustic singer/songwriter tunes of the past records – once heard and soon forgotten. Not with this one, this is pure melodic hard rock shining in every second. With the help of Mr. PAUL SABU not only as a producer but as a co-writer  on “Love Gone Wild“ and “Wildest Dreams“ which are easily two of the strongest cuts Jesse has written in his whole career, the whole CD rocks like hell. The very LED ZEPPELINish “Flying Dutchman“ and especially “Electric Magic“ are real crackers as well and give the listener the desperately needed “Adrenaline“. Apart from the rather unspectacular „Lonely Tonight“ we only have great tracks here. Enough said – “Here Comes Trouble“ with a capital “T”!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Play To Win

2. Love Gone Wold

3. Damon‘s Rage

4. Electric Magic

5. Tell Me Lili

6. Here Comes Trouble

7. Love Is The Answer

8. Shadows Of Love

9. Flyin‘ Dutchmann

10. Adrenaline

11. Lonely Tonight

12. Widest Dreams

Jesse Damon – Love Gone Wild (Audio Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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