Operus – Score Of Nightmares

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: June, 19th, 2020

Website: https://www.operusmusic.com

Three years after their well received debut album “Cenotaph” the theatralic Metal journey continues. The canadian outfit OPERUS, whose band members are also part of bands and projects like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Annihilator, Vital Remains or Skull Fist, combine all well-known Power Metal elements with orchestral arrangements.

It is Trans-Siberian Orchestra meets Power Metal like Rhapsody, Stratovarius or At Vance and includes the theatralic mood of Meat Loaf’s “Bat out of Hell” trylogy. Some parts are very progressive, so you can also check it out if you like Kamelot or Nightwish. I don’t know if the songs were recorded with a real orchestra or a very good software, but it sounds real.

The high class production and the great song arrangements of tracks like “Phantasia”, “Lost” or the massic hit “Where Falcons Fly” make this album a worth listening one if you like this kind of Metal.

Artistic this is world-class, played and sung very professional. These guys are all top notch musicians and singers, but for me to be honest it is to much to listen to constantly.


Eddy Freiberger


01. Overture Of Madness

02. Phantasia

03. Lost

04. Dance With Fire

05. Echoes

06. Where Falcons Fly

07. Nightmare

08. Book Of Shadows

09. The Mirror

10. Ruin

11. La Llorona

Operus – Where Falcons Fly (Official Video)

Author: Eddy Freiberger

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