Siggi Schwarz – The Fire Inside

Siggi Schwarz – The Fire Inside

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: February 19th, 2021


SIGGI SCHWARZ is a German guitar player and producer (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) who has ten albums (!) out already and has been playing across the country for many years. Shame on me but I actually never heard of him before. Typical solid seventies and eighties hard rock on these fifteen (!), mostly cool and hook-driven and rocking songs with singer Dave Schaefer from the US on vocals who does a good job here, too. “The Fire Inside“ is great stuff for everybody who is into authentic hard rock with some blues roots like artists in the vein of MOTHER ROAD, BAD COMPANY or VOODOO CIRCLE among others. Powerful but pristine production with some surprises here and there. Almost an hour of timeless music without much fuss and plenty of heart and soul. “The Fire Inside“ hopefully finally turns this guy into a more acknowledged artist. It would be well-deserved, though. And I’m going to check out his back-catalogue, I promise!


Martin Stark


01. Spend The Night With Me

02. Activated

03. Badass

04. Give It To Me

05. Lockdown Love

06. Cheap Love

07. Daydreamer

08. Get Together

09. Rockin‘ Through The Night

10. Burning Out

11. Love Is A Wave

12. B-Boogie

13. Simple Life

14. You Know Better

15. Super Hyperactive Boy (CD Bonus Track)

Author: Martin Stark

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