Crystallion – Head Or Tails

Crystallion – Heads Or Tails

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: February 19th, 2021


Power metal with female vocals? Well, CRYSTALLION are an option then. You get a slightly rough and somehow cragged production which nevertheless fits the song material pretty well. Nevertheless, female vocalist Kristina Berchtold, who took over the microphone from former vocalist Thomas Strübler after fifteen years, might probably divide vocally. But if you are into slightly unpolished and raw heavy metal, just give “Heads Or Tails“ a spin. Maybe it’s just my impression but whereas the instrumental section is pretty good, the voice of Berthold can’t keep up with what is needed here. Cool at times are some instrumental parts with progressive twists and turns but mostly it’s straight-forward melodic metal. Possible comparisons might be CRYSTAL VIPER or ZED YAGO to a certain degree. Tracks to be checked out in order to have an overview of the sound are “Knights And Heroes“, “The King Is Rising“ and “Thunderclouds“. But the Germans might have lots of competitors in the given genre…


Martin Stark


1. Heads Or Tails 2:29

2. Knights And Heroes 4:08

3. Living On A Lie 4:31

4. Save Me 3:56

5. I’m On Fire 5:07

6. The Sleeping Emperor 5:46

7. Ready For The Sin 4:51

8. The King Is Rising 4:55

9. Under The Spell 3:51

10. The Wild Hunt 3:59

11. Thunderclouds 3:41

Author: Martin Stark

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