Luca Sellitto – The Voice Within

Luca Sellitto – The Voice Within

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: December 6th, 2019


Before I lately listened to CDs from CONCERTO MOON and DOUBLE DEALER I thought I was completely done with the neo-classical stuff. But the undisputed class of those bands made me overthink my decision and I kept most of my records of this genre in my collection. And so it was easy to handle this review for the first solo effort by STAMINA founder and main man LUCA SELLITTO – and what a disk we have here. With a little help of some “unknown“ friends like Göran Edman (vocals on the terrific “Land Of The Vikings“), Henrik Brockmann / ex ROYAL HUNT (vocals on “What If “) and a new name for me, Rob Lundgren, who lent his talents on three tracks and did a fine job, it is pretty obvious that Italian-born LUCA SELLITTO has everything fixed in an impressive matter and is managing guitar and keyboard duties: Completed by an excellent backbone with ex MALMSTEEN members Patrick Johansson (drums) and Svante Henryson (bass and cello), these eight tracks are exactly what fans of the genre had been waiting for. No weak spot to find here and in my humble opinion one the best neo-classical records released over the last couple of years!


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

  1. Second To None
  2. Land Of The Vikings
  3. Étude
  4. What If?
  5. Shadows Of Love
  6. The Champions Code
  7. Into The Light
  8. Tearful Goodbye

Author: Andreas Höhn

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