Sign X – Like A Fire

Sign X – Like A Fire

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: December 6th, 2019


SIGN X is the successor of Hamburg-based band CHALICE which has been alive and kicking for almost one and a half decades and put out seven albums. When frontman Gino Naschke und keyboard-player Axel Hoffmann left, they changed their name to SIGN X. New vocalist Sebastian Zierof, who successfully impersonated legendary German singer UDO LINDENBERG in a huge and long-lasting musical production, does a really good job and adds lots of quality to the sound and songwriting. The QUEEN-like “Rain“ as well as the epic “Crush“ are reminiscent of the mighty TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. In addition to that, the EN VOGUE cover “Free Your Mind“ is brave but well done. And there is one CHALICE-song, too, which has been re-visited (“Chasing The Wind“). Cool also to have Hammmond sounds by new keyboardist Michael Jotzer here and there. “Like A Fire“ is a treasure box with lots of details to be discovered but – and that’s important foremost – it’s a hard rock record with balls. Oliver Scheer’s guitars make absolutely sure it has. Cool band, cool record!


Martin Stark


  1. Fall
  2. Elements
  3. Storm
  4. Rain
  5. Shine
  6. Free Your Mind
  7. Crush
  8. Chasing The Wind
  9. Sign
  10. Koda X

Author: Martin Stark

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