Darren Phillips Project – Volume Two

Darren Phillips Project – Volume Two

Label: MelodicRock Records

Release date: 12th March, 2021 

Website: www.facebook.com/darrenphillipsproject

Second album of the Australian songwriter and guitar-player DARREN PHILLIPS (EAST TEMPLE AVENUE) who – like on “Volume One“ (2017) – was able to gather an illustrious number of musicians, mostly European, though, around him. The production on “Volume Two“ clearly could have been a bit better as ist sounds like solid demo tracks at times but musically and in terms of pure eighties AOR atmosphere foremost, this record is like an amazing rollercoaster ride back in time. Well-known guests like Rob Wylde (v, MIDNITE CITY), Alex Waghorn (v, CRUZH), Alexander Strandell (v, ART NATION), Erik Heikne (g, MISS BEHAVIOUR), Dennis Butabi Borg (b, CRUZH) or Herman Furin (d, WORK OF ART) and many, many others are the real deal here. Tracks like “Last Goodbye“, “What’s Love” or “December Night“ are pretty hook-driven and stick in your ear like several others, too. And “Best Man For You“, an (officially) unreleased PAUL STANLEY track sung by the mighty Rob Wylde here is the finest icing on the cake here. You can’t go wrong here, though…


Martin Stark


1. Stay 3:33

2. Last Goodbye 3:56

3. What’s Love? 3:18

4. December Night 3:14

5. You Make My Dreams Come True 3:11

6. Drive 3:51

7. Hold On 2:49

8. By My Side 3:29

9. Holding A Love 3:46

10. Best Man For You 4:21

Author: Martin Stark

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