Easy Action – That Makes One

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: January 31st, 2020

Website:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easy_Action_(band)

Started as a glammy Hard Rock affair with future SHOTGUN MESSIAH frontman ZINNY J. Clan on vocals in 1982, EASY ACTION changed their musical direction for their second album “That Makes One“ and put TOMMY NILSSON onboard as their new singer – fitting like a glove to the band. Sounding like a then unknown MICHAEL BOLTON at times, he does a fabulous job on the Scandi Rock tracks of this record containing no weak moment at all. But on the funky “Teachers Are Doing With Class“ even him was surpassed by co-lead vocalist SANNE “Danish Dynamite“ SALOMONSEN– what a song! The ballad “Only Love“ can easily compete with the best moments of the first ALIEN CD, while „One In A Million“ is my personal  highlight here. The pre-album single “Rosie“ has this incredible ABBA feel nobody can resist. Before hitting big time, guitarist KEE MARCELLO couldn‘t resist accepting the offer from EUROPE as the replacement for JOHN NORUM, so EASY ACTION called it a day soon afterwards. Finally getting the very much needed remastering (the original CD sounded quite poor) and with the addition of two bonus cuts, “That Makes One“ is a must. There will be only 1000 copies sold through mailorder– so be quick and order your CD immediately on January 31st to add this Swedish AOR highlight to your collection! 


Andreas Hoehn

Track List:

1. Talk Of The Town

2. Teachers Do It With Class

3. Code To Your Heart

4. Only Love

5. One In A Million

6. Talk Talk Talk

7. Partners In Crime

8. Love Reaction

9. Rosie

10. In The Middle Of Nowhere

11. Eye For An Eye (Bonus Track)

12. There Is A River (Bonus Track)

Easy Action – Eye For An Eye (Official Video)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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