Serious Black – Suite 226

Serious Black – Suite 226

Label: AFM

Release date: January 31st, 2020


German-American melodic power metal outfit SERIOUS BLACK set the bar pretty high in 2017 with “Magic“. But “Suite 226“ can easily compete: Extremely melodic and atmospheric at the same time (e.g. “When The Stars Are Right“ or “Fate Of All Humanity“) and always heavy enough (“Heaven Shall Burn“) and certainly not (too) cheesy when it comes to ballad-like moments (“Come Home“). That’s how it should be in the given genre. Their fourth album is another concept album, this time about a presumably insane protagonist, a dark psychiatry and damnation. SERIOUS BLACK offer a new album which puts melodies even more into the center of attention this time, which is amazing having the fantastic „Magic“ (2017) in mind. “Fate Of All Humantiy“ exemplifies the quality of the compositions which are vitalized by Urban Breed (v, ex TAD MOROSE, ex BLOODBOUND, TRAIL OF MURDER). A powerful production highlighting the many details completes the picture here. To cut a long story short: Amazingly melodic! Thumbs up!


Martin Stark


  1. Let Me Go 3:20
  2. When The Stars Are Right 3:53
  3. Solitude Étude 4:20
  4. Fate Of All Humanity 3:52
  5. Castiel 5:30
  6. Heaven Shall Burn 3:30
  7. Way Back Home 4:11
  8. We Still Stand Tall 4:31
  9. Come Home 5:00
  10. Suite 226 8:40

Author: Martin Stark

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