Eclipse – Paradigm

Label: Frontiers Records

Release date: October 11th, 2019


When it says ECLIPSE, you get 100% ECLIPSE. Powerful melodic rock from Sweden with hooklines out of this world. Already the first single “Viva La Victoria“ is a true gem, as well as the irresistible “Mary Leigh“ which immediately takes you by storm. The second single “The Masquerade“ will be a live killer, like basically all the eleven tracks in “Paradigm“. Then there is the ballad by the name of “Shelter Me“ which is quite an emotional tune and the magnificent “When The Winter Ends“ with its powerful atmosphere and deep lyrics about a broken relationship. Erik Mårtensson (v/g) simply is one hell of an institution when it comes to melodic rock. His partner in crime Magnus Henriksson (g) seems to grow musically and reach new heights with each new record, too. ECLIPSE successfully managed not to be too repetitive and stuck to their very sound all over the place. They might have a little bit of a modern twist in terms of songwriting and production but still represent classic melodic rock or (guitar driven) AOR but with an incomparable high level of energy. Chapeau! Without doubt: album of the year!


Martin Stark


  1. Viva La Victoria
  2. Mary Leigh
  3. Blood Wants Blood
  4. Shelter Me
  5. United
  6. Delirious
  7. When The Winter Ends
  8. 38 Or 44
  9. Never Gonna Be Like You
  10. The Masquerade
  11. Take Me Home

Author: Martin Stark

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