The Dirty Knobs – Wreckless Abandon

The Dirty Knobs – Wreckless Abandon

Label: BMG  

Release date: November 20th, 2020


The spirit of Tom Petty is alive! Mike Campbell, known as guitarist from Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, established THE DIRTY KNOBS 15 years ago. Starting as a “side-project”, many shows were played in small venues, and after the death of Tom Petty in 2017, Mike started to handle Tom’s this situating by forcing THE DIRTY KNOBS. After standing in the shadow of the main actors, Mike recorded a wonderful debut album with a sound full of freedom. Not only by playing guitar though – Mike also took care of the vocals which sounding rough and emotional, and match to all 13 tracks. THE DIRTY KNOBS’ line-up consists of well-known musicians like Jason Sinay (guitars, Neil Diamond), Lance Morrison (bass, Don Henley) and Matt Lang (drums, Slash). So, no more words are needed to describe their musical competence. “Wreckless Abandon” keeps the spirit of Tom Petty’s music without losing its own identity and style. It’s not just a “copy” but a beginning of a new chapter of timeless rock with emotions and atmosphere. Needless to say that all the loving fans of Tom Petty must by this one. And for anyone else, who loves the sound of freedom: grab your copy, order/buy!


Peter Albers

Track List:

1. Wreckless Abandon

2. Pistol Packin’ Mama

3. Sugar

4. Southern Boy

5. I Still Love You

6. Irish Girl

7. Fuck That Guy

8. Don’t Knock The Boogie

9. Don’t Wait

10. Anna Lee

11. Aw Honey

12. Loaded Gun

13. Don’t Knock the Boogie (Coda)

The Dirty Knobs – Irish Girl (Official Video)

Author: Peter Albers

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