Captain Black Beard – Sonic Forces

Captain Black Beard – Sonic Forces

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: May 15th, 2020


CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD return with their fourth and best album so far. After changing the singer again, I hope that they’ve found a permanent solution with Martin Holsner, because he seems to be the perfect fit. Listen to songs like “Headlights” or “Midnight Cruiser” and you know what I mean. Other highlights are the keyboard dominated hardrocker “Disco Volante”, which would have been a huge hit back in the 80ies in all clubs. Besides these songs, the powerful titletrack and the mid-tempo rocker “Tonight” are other great tunes. This album has no bad song at all, which is very rare in these days. If you haven’t heard the name CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD yet, this is the right time to change this.

Produced by H.E.A.T guitarist Dave Dalone, “Sonic Forces” sounds like a mixture of H.E.A.T, BROTHER FIRETRIBE and THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. If you are a fan of those bands, please check out “Sonic Force”. You will not regret this!


Eddy Freiberger


  1.  Headlights
  2. Lights & Shadows
  3. Disco Volante
  4. Tonight
  5. Sonic Force
  6. Time To Deliver
  7. Midnight Cruiser
  8. Young Hearts
  9. Gotham City
  10. Emptiness
Captain Black Beard – Headlights (Official Video)

Author: Eddy Freiberger

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