REXORIA – Ice Breaker

Rexoria – Ice Breaker

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: October 18th, 2019


Swedish female fronted melodic metal outfit REXORIA is very productive as the debut came out only last year. Their sophomore album picks up where the first one left off. “Velvet Heroes“ and “Fight The Demons“, the first two songs of “Ice Breaker“ give quite a good impression on what to expect and they are also two of the strongest compositions. The following “Endless Nights“ slows down the record but showcases the vocal abilities of front woman Frida Ohlin pretty well. The production is powerful but should have been a little bit more concerned about the drums. Good stuff for fans of BATTLE BEAST, FOLLOW THE CIPHER or BURNING POINT. Ohlin on vocals doesn’t have the typical „NIGHTWISH-kind of voice“ which at times sounds rather like opera than metal but she really sounds like metal.The closing track “Var Verklinget“ sees Niklas Isfeldt (DREAM EVIL) guesting on vocals. Probably not essential in the first place but nevertheless worth checking out! “Brothers Of Asgaard“ is a good starter in this case as well as the anthem-like title track.


Martin Stark


  1. Velvet Heroes
  2. Fight The Demons
  3. Endless Nights
  4. In The Wild
  5. Reach For The Heavens In Time
  6. Ice Breaker
  7. Wind and Rain
  8. The Rise Of The Phoenix
  9. Brothers Of Asgaard
  10. The Raging Thunder
  11. Roaring
  12. Var Verklinget

Author: Martin Stark

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