Station – Stained Glass

Station – Stained Glass

Label: self-released

Release date: November 1st, 2019


STATION are a melodic / hard rock band from New York City, a place that is not known foremost for that type of music. “Stained Glass“, (full) album number three of the band, is a fine example of how cool melodic rock can sound these days bridging the gap between the eighties and today easily. STATION is a comparatively new band without a past in the heydays of the genre but a fresh outfit with amazing songwriting abilities and a powerful, pretty pristine production. Let alone the powerful and groovy opener “A Matter Of Time“ shine that has got plenty of THUNDER or LITTLE ANGELS vibes among others. “Angel“, too, with its great instrumental outro is pretty fascinating. As well as the groovy “Nothing But Love“ with an amazing hookline. Hard to believe that obviously the typical labels for melodic rock didn’t spot the sheer quality with which singer Patrick Kearney and the guys operate. So, you people, know what to do…


Martin Stark


  1. A Matter of Time 4:23
  2. Emily 3:41
  3. Never Enough 4:48
  4. I See You Everywhere 5:28
  5. Angel 6:57
  6. Nothin’ But Love 4:29
  7. Still Here 5:23
  8. Burning Out Fast 4:31
  9. I Need You Red 5:33
  10. Stained Glass 1:41
  11. All You Need Is A Heartbeat 4:11

Author: Martin Stark

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