Work Of Art – Exhibits

Work Of Art – Exhibits

Label: Frontiers Records

Release date: November 8th, 2019


Swedish AOR-heroes around guitarist and songwriter Robert Säll (W.E.T., GROUNDBREAKER) still are the spearhead of pure AOR/melodic rock from up north. The fourth album “Exhibits“ took a while. But it was worth the wait. There are absolutely no fillers and a great performance – as usual – by the mighty Lars Säfsund (LIONVILLE, ENBOUND) on vocals. The Swedes simply can’t do wrong. Let alone “Be The Believer“ shine, a song that is better than some complete records of other genre contestants these days. “Exhibits“ obviously is one of those beautifully classic sounding AOR records that are very much reminiscent of the 80s while remaining as contemporary as ever. “Misguided Love“, the opener, paves the path of the record magically and “This Isn’t Love“ with Vince Dicola (keys) guesting – who rose to fame in the AOR cosmos because of his fantastic work for e.g. the soundtracks of “Rocky IV“ or “Transformers: The Movie“ – is a pure melodic gem, too. So is “If I Could Fly“ with its irresistible chorus and positive vibes. As long as bands like the WORK OF ART are around, we really don’t have to be afraid of the genre at all. You can’t do this kind of sound much better – close to perfection!


Martin Stark


  1. Misguided Love
  2. Be The Believer
  3. Another Night
  4. This Isn’t Love (feat. Vince Dicola)
  5. Gotta Get Out
  6. Come Home
  7. If I Could Fly
  8. Destined To Survive
  9. Scars To Prove It
  10. What You Want From Me
  11. Let Me Dream

Author: Martin Stark

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