Degreed – Lost Generation

Degreed – Lost Generation

Label: Gain Music Entertainment

Release date: November 15th, 2019


The Swedes are – apart from ECLIPSE or VEGA perhaps – one of the very few bands in the wider range of the melodic rock genre which actually really have some kind of unique sound, although the four-piece is way more than “only“ a melodic act alone as there are slices of metal, pop and even electronic music here and there, too. Their fifth album on the one hand is pretty hard (“You All Know My Name“ or “Sex“) and on the other hand sweet like sugar (“Blue Virgin Isles“). The latter is a cover version of a song by the Swedish singer/songwriter TED GÄRDESTAD back in 1978. The ten tracks (plus intro and interlude) showcase lots of talent and sense for versatile arrangements and detail. Close to perfection for the most part. Melodies all over the place, contemporary sounding without being inappropriate for lovers of pure AOR and melodic sounds and well produced. Frontman and bassist Robin Ericsson (MODERN ART) nails it with his performance as for instance on the outstanding track by the name of “Ruins“. And “Born Under A Bad Sign“ is reminiscent of TOTO or rather a modern sounding version of the legendary American band for a large part. This band from up north absolutely needs to break the barriers of the genre – and I’m pretty sure they will sooner or later. What a great potential and talent. Well done, guys! Thumbs up!


Martin Stark


  1. Intro 0:58
  2. Lost Generation 3:34
  3. You All Know My Name 3:32
  4. Ruins 3:14
  5. Interlude 1:43
  6. Summer Of Love 4:28
  7. Blue Virgin Isles 4:39
  8. Sex 2:59
  9. Body Of Work 3:16
  10. Born Under A Bad Sign 3:20
  11. Don’t Let Go 3:49
  12. Alive 4:21

Author: Martin Stark

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