Eclipse – Live From The Quarantine (live)

Eclipse – Live @ Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm, April 1st, 2020

This is probably the closest we can get to a live concert experience these days of worldwide corona crisis. If we can’t go out and see our favorite bands perform live, it’s a great way to both keep people a little bit uplifted, distracted and offer a few moments of joy AND ensure that bands and the production team, of course, have some sort of income. Tickets were 8 Euros which is perfectly alright as the quality with multiple HD cameras and great sound quality turns the living room (or wherever the show is watched) into a concert venue – like I said before, the closest we can get to a concert experience at the moment. Knowing (and seeing the live comments) that there are people in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, France, Austria, the US and many other countries in this together, at the same time, creates goosebumps…and a little bit of family in these troubled times.  

After the typical intro “Come On Feel The Noise“ by SLADE (and a sneak glimpse into the backstage area) the band kicks off 60+ minutes of Rock’n’Roll and starts with an energetic version of “Battlegrounds“ – one of their signature songs by now. Followed by one of my personal favorites of the new album “Paradigm“ from 2019 by the name of “Mary Lee“. The whole setting is reminiscent of a video shooting as the camera and production guys – who do one hell of a job, too – run around “on stage“ and capture the musicians very authentically. 

What makes this show even more special – apart from the unusual setting – is the premiere of “Driving One Of Your Cars“, the new single not to be found on the latest record, a cover version originally by Swedish artist LISA MISKOVSKY some twenty years ago which perfectly fits the ECLIPSE sound. Very melodic and a possible live standard, I guess. Next up is another debut, the live premiere of “Delirious“, often requested by fans. After “Blood Wants Blood“, also from “Paradigm“, a couple of beloved setlist favorites (“Hurt“, “Black Rain“ or the irresistible “Bleed & Scream“) underline the quality of the Swedish band songwriting-wise and as magnificent live performers. The fact that the epic “The Downfall Of Eden“ from “Monumentum“ (2017) was originally intended to be on the NORDIC UNION, project that Erik Mårtensson did with Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS) as mentioned by extraordinaire guitarist Magnus Hendriksson, might cause a few bittersweet moments in Denmark but well, it’s nothing but a perfect song, a perfect ECLIPSE song.

The two powerful tracks “Bleed & Scream“, called the “blueprint of ECLIPSE“ by Erik, and “Viva La Victoria“, the second to last single by the band end the regular set. Well, that was one hell of an hour of Rock’n’Roll, melodic and emotion. 

There is actually nothing to criticize here …well apart from the fact that there is only one encore (“Never Look Back“). 

They even produce a very limited (!) run of “special event T-shirts. But you have to be quick – and check their Facebook profile for details. 

Thank you Erik, Magnus, Philip and Victor for “Live From The Quarantine“! It was really fun and an absolute pleasure! The guys even throw plectrums “at the audience“ and important foremost (!) keep distance among themselves while taking a bow towards their fans. ECLIPSE rocks big time! Stay safe!  

Text & pictures: Martin Stark



Mary Lee

Driving One Of Your Cars (LISA MISKOVSKY cover, live debut)

Delirious (live debut)

Blood Wants Blood

The Storm


The Downfall Of Eden

Black Rain

Blood Enemies

Bleed & Scream

Viva La Victoria


Never Look Back

Author: Martin Stark

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