High Road Easy – s/t

High Road Easy – s/t

Label: self-released

Release date: out now

Website: www.highroadeasy.com

HIGH ROAD EASY is a two-piece from Karlsruhe, Germany (hometown of PINK CREAM 69), and their self-titled and also self-released CD already is the group’s fourth independent effort since 2009. Consisting of multi- instrumentalist Sven Horleman (who also handled the mixing & mastering) and singer Jan Knopf, the duo offers Classic Rock besides any trends. With a little help from session drummers Magnus Brandell. Brooks Wackerman and Matt Billington, the album impressively starts with “Lights“, the extremely memorable “Sixes & Sevens“ and the DEEP PURPLE tinged “No Regrets“.  Of course, the guys aren‘t able to hold this high standard on each of the remaining 11 tracks, but “Carry The Flame“ is another winner with its infectious melody. On the heavier side, “Calling All Stations“ knows  how to convince, while “Hearts On Fire“ will certainly become a live favorite. “Bad Luck“ that the guys can‘t hit the road  immediately to promote this very good CD – so get your copy from their store asap! 


Andreas Höhn

Track List:

1. Lights
2. Sixes & Sevens
3. No Regrets
4. All My Love Is Lost
5. High Road Easy
6. Carry The Flame
7. Calling All Stations
8. Make My Day
9. Bad Luck
10. Hearts on Fire
11. Set Me Free
12, Best of My Belief
13. You Can Be Mine
14.  Reckless Man (Demo)

High Road Easy – s/t (Official Teaser)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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