Sainted Sinners – Unlocked & Reloaded

Sainted Sinners – Unlocked & Reloaded

Label: El Puerto Records

Release date: December 4th, 2020


Frank Pané, guitarist of German Hard Rock group BONFIRE, returns with a newly formed line-up in SAINTED SINNERS. Now with Jack Meille (TYGERS OF PAN TANG) on vocals, Ernesto Ghezzi on keyboards and Rico Bowen on bass, “Unlocked & Reloaded” marks the group’s third album release since 2016. With the opener “Same Ol’ Song”, they offer a highly dynamic range of guitars and keyboards. And Jack Meille has the perfect voice for this type of classic Hard Rock. It feels like the huge 80’s type of melodic rock. SAINTED SINNERS managed to create a timeless album for any fan of the mighty Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Journey and alike. Of course, Pané’s guitar dominates the sound, but based on a perfect rhythm section every track has its own remarkable style. Just take a listen to “I Can’t Wait” or the final song “Farewell To Kings” – both show SAINTED SINNERS’s way to rock.

“Unlocked & Reloaded” is a fantastic and traditional Hard Rock album – you’ll love it if you like this type of music!


Peter Albers

Track list:

1. Same Ol’ Song

2. Standing On Top

3. Early Light Of Day

4. 40 Years

5. The Hammer Of The Gods

6. Free To Be

7. I Can’t Wait

8. Stone Cold Sober

9. Call It Love

10. Wall Of Sound

11. Farewell To Kings

Sainted Sinners – Standing On Top (Official Video)

Author: Peter Albers

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