Lee Aaron – Power, Soul, Rock ‘N Roll

Lee Aaron – Power, Soul & Rock’N Roll: Live in Germany

Label: Metalville

Release date: September 20th, 2019

Website: www.leeaaron.com

Pretty brave and tough to start your live album with an absolute classic, a cover version of DEEP PURPLE’s “Mistreated“ in this case, although it fits well. AARON has been focussing on blues, jazz and country mainly over the last years, or rather decades but she can still rock like hell. Her first ever (!) live album was recorded in Balingen and Nuremburg in 2017. An authentic sound, a versatile setlist covering all of her facets and most important, a voice that still can rock and touch your soul alike. The Canadian female vocalist fully delivers with “Powerline“, “Metal Queen“ and “Hot To Be Rocked“. These songs will beam you into the golden era of eighties rock while others (e.g. “Fire & Gasoline“ or “I’m A Woman“) showcase what she does today. It’s the stylistic mix which is held together impressively by her voice that makes this output one out of the ordinary. Her band, and especially Sean Kelly on guitar, sounds fantastic. Both new and old fans should give “Power, Soul & Rock’N Roll: Live in Germany“ a spin. This output comes as a double-decker with a DVD. It was about time fora career-spanning live document. LEE AARON will always be “Rock Candy“ and the “Metal Queen“, of course!


Martin Stark


01. Mistreated
02. Tomboy
03. Rock Candy
04. Metal Queen
05. Fire And Gasoline
06. Powerline
07. I’m A Woman
08. Some Girls Do
09. Sex With Love
10. Barely Holdin On
11. Whatcha Do to My Body
12. Diamond Baby
13. Hot To Be Rocked

Author: Martin Stark

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