Confess – Burn’em All

Confess – Burn’em All

Label: Street Symphonies Records

Release date: February 28th, 2020


Sweden is not only an endless source for melodic rock and AOR but also for sleaze rock (and especially for those with slightly rougher approach or a harder edge in both sound and guitars) with bands like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, ZAN CLAN, DEATHSTARS, CRASHDÏET and…CONFESS! Needless to say that “Burn’em All“ is full of energy-driven songs with fabulous hooks and cool arrangements. Frontmann John Eliot nails it once again being powerful and emotional whatever the song requires. But what is absolutely striking with the new album is the fact that the songwriting has improved a lot. Not only the singles “Burn’em All“ and “Is It Love“ but basically every track on the record grabs you by the balls and apart from that the songs are going to be a killer on stage for sure. Just check out “My Vicious Way“ or “Welcome Insanity“. The production is pristine and powerful and with a large amount of street credibility at the same time. To cut it short: “Burn’em All“ is the ultimate Sleaze weapon 2020! Great stuff somewhere between H.E.A.T. (in terms of melodies) and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR (in terms of attitude and sound). Both Thumbs up!


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. So What?

2. Malleus

3. Welcome Insanity

4. A Beautiful Mind

5. Heresy

6. Burn ’em All

7. Is It Love?

8. My Vicious way

9. 509

10. Prominence

11. One For The Road

Author: Martin Stark

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