Newman – Ignition

Newman – Ignition

Label: AOR Heaven 

Release date: March 27th, 2020


If you are a longtime sucker for AOR and Melodic Rock, NEWMAN definitely is no new name. Since 1998 the man offered some of the best albums of the genre and is getting better with each release in my opinion. “Ignition“ is his 12th studio effort and absolutely a peak in Steve‘s musical history. Being a selfmade man for ages now, Mr. NEWMAN only needed a little help from his friends Rob McEwen (d) and backing vocal contribution from Dave Bartlett and the highly underrated Mark Thompson-Smith. Mixing, production and mastering are top-notch and each of the 12 tracks of the record is pure ear candy. SEVENTH KEY, TOTO and STEELHOUSE LANE spring to mind when listening to outstanding cuts like “Moving Target“, “End Of The Road“ and “Chasing Midnight“ or the title song with his poppy elements in the beginning.  Similiar to MIKE SLAMER, NEWMAN knows how to run riot with his strenghts and how to write catchy hooks all over the place. To be honest, there is really no weaker or even average moment on this CD. 12 songs – 12 times “Ignition“!  


Andreas Höhn

Track List: 

1. End Of The Road

2. Chasing Midnight

3. Ignition

4. Worth Dying For

5. To Go On Loving You

6. Moving Target

7. Last Chance

8. Life In The Underground

9. Wild Child

10. Promise Me

11. The Island

12. Welcome To The Rush

Author: Andreas Höhn

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