Interview: One Desire – Hot Melodies From Far Up North

Jimmy Westerlund (g) can’t be stopped, not even by a positive Corona testing and despite being quarantined, he willingly answers questions via phone about ONE DESIRE’s sophomore record. The Finish outfit offers a really strong album by the name of “Midnight Empire“. Not even the sad fact of a successful but interrupted tour with Swedish THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA due to this nasty virus situation is able to fully stop the enthusiasm about the new record in Westerlund who also produced the record. 

Obvious question first: How are you at the moment and how did you experience the tour that unfortunately came to an abrupt end after only a few shows?

Well, I’d like to mention first that the shows we played were none but fantastic and everybody involved came along extremely well. But when authorities in more and more countries finally ordered us to stop playing shows throughout Europe, everybody immediately agreed on playing the missing shows in that constellation later on this year when the madness is under control hopefully. I’d be very happy if this really turns out to be true. And yes, I’ve been tested positively for corona as is the rest of the band, too. But everybody is feeling well. We are quarantined at home at the moment but keep in touch through the internet, of course. Let’s really hope for this situation being over soon and going back to normal life. [remark by the editor: The interview was conducted mid March 2020]

“After You’re Gone“ for which there is a great video, too, is a true hit in all respects. But what is the key song on “Midnight Empire“ for you personally, if there is a single one at all?

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Thank you very much! Well, picking a single one is always pretty tough as you can imagine they are all basically our children in the truest sense. But I think “After You’re Gone“ definitely is a key song and it was one of the first that have been written for the new record. The video, too, still makes me proud because it was filmed in very unique location and offers an amazing atmosphere, I guess. I am glad you like it!

At this point of time, would you consider One Desire a project or a real band? And is it important to you?

We are a band, absolutely no discussion about that. At he latest when Andre Linman, our frontman, joined us, with whom I played in Sturm Und Drang for years and recorded three albums, we really became a band, a unit. Nevertheless, he lives a couple of hundred kilometers from the rest of us but we meet as often as possible for rehearsal, promotion and so on here in Helsinki. In my opinion that’s the only way it works if you want to be a real band in all respects. But luckily everybody involved shares the same vision here. So, yes, One Desire is a real band and I am really happy about it. 

Talking about songwriting. Do you have a possible live situation in mind when composing a song?  

No, basically not. The first ideas are usually taken down by me but Andre and the others also contribute stuff here and there. I would actually say that the music as it ends up on the record comes first and then when touring and playing starts, we see what we can do with each track that we want to perform live on stage. Usually it works out the way we want it to be and sometimes even better.

Looks like there is no vinyl version of the album this time. What happened?

Yeah, unfortunately it’s more or less our fault, I would say. We delivered the master literally last second to the label and maybe that’t some kind of discipline measure. I don’t know the full details but it’s a real pity. Especially when having in mind that the debut sold well on vinyl, too. Maybe we do a vinyl version later on which would be great as I also like vinyl very much.

Jimmy, is there anything left you would like to mention or any message to your German fans in particular?

Oh, yes! Thank you very much for all the support from the very first moment on. And Germany be sure, there are a lot of One Desire shows coming your way in the near future. We can wait to continue touring with the guys in The Night Flight Orchestra and apart from that we might have one, no actually two different tours in the making. Up until now we played as support to example given Eclipse but there are plans for headliner shows, too, where we will be able to deliver a totally different show with much more visual effects and so on. It’s going to be a totally new stage design we are working on. We can’t wait to take the next step. Just follow us on Social Media channels for latest updates. When there are any definite news, you find them there right away. I guess we have reached the point on our career in One Desire where all this hard work and effort that we put into the band over the past years starts to finally pay off. Thank you for everything and stay healthy, of course.

Text: Martin Stark

Author: Martin Stark

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