Shining Black – s/t

Shining Black – s/t

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: July 10th, 2020


Originally planned as Olaf Thorsen’s (LABYRINTH, VISION DIVINE) solo album, it has become a true band project when singer Mark Boals was welcomed aboard and not too many moons later the new metal coalition was christened  SHINING BLACK. Of course, SB’s musical style is not too far aways from Mark and Olaf’s previous outings. Thank God, SHINING BLACK is just not a carbon copy of LABYRINTH or VISION DIVINE as it seems Mark Boals had some stronger influences here. If you like his RING OF FIRE or IGNITION albums chances are quite high you’ll like this album, too. One must admit tho that not everything is going the harder/faster direction – despite its dark title, „In the house of fallen souls“ is a tad less heavy buand more hard rocking, but still features some great dazzling keys usually to be found in YNGWIE MALMSTEEN’s ivory tickling repertoire. This really adds much needed variety to a project band like this. Quite a wise move if you ask me. Another prime example of what to expect is „The Bogeyman“. Here we have a rather fast-paced track with some goosebumps moments and great vocal delivery by Mr. Boals. There is no classic stand-out/trademark track, which will instantly lift SB into the ranks of the almighty and eternal.  Nonetheless, it offers a lot for melodic metal- and even AOR fans that usually buy projects/products initiated by Frontiers. PS. Great cover art!


Kai Brockschmidt


  1. The House Of The Fallen Souls
  2. The Boogeyman
  3. My Life
  4. A Sad Song
  5. Shining Black
  6. Just Another Day
  7. Where Are Your Gods
  8. The Carousel
  9. The Day We Said Goodbye
  10. We Fall
Shining Black – Just Another Day (Official Audio)

Author: Kai Brockschmidt

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