Lazarus Dream – Alive

Lazarus Dream – Alive

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: 13.11.2020


LAZARUS DREAM brings back two very talented and well-known players of the German hard rock scene. Markus Pfeffer (g/b/key, SCARLETT, WINTERLAND) and Carsten „Lizard“ Schulz (v, EVIDENCE ONE, DOMAIN, MIDNITE CLUB) offer a great album which is reminiscent of DOKKEN and QUEENSRYCHE at times or German competitors like MAD MAX or FRONTLINE but which is also quite independent in its own respect. The melodic “Dawn Of Time“, a beautiful hard rocker with stunning vocals and roaring guitars sets the pace. Songs like “Wings Of An Eagle“, “Listen“ or “The Healing Echo“, for instance, combine progressive rock, classic rock and melodic rock to a melange that simply rocks. The record offers a powerful and sophisticated production, absolutely no fillers and authentic vibes all over the place. To cut it short: “Alive“ is hopefully just the beginning because what you can hear here might well be the start of something big.


Martin Stark


1. Dawn Of Time 7:23

2. House Of Cards 4:21

3. Wings Of An Eagle 5:15

4. Can’t Take My Soul Away 4:53

5. Listen 5:16

6. Fleshburn 7:29

7. The Healing Echoes 6:10

8. Desert Mind 5:42

9. Visions And Sins 5:01

10. Steam 5:31

11. Don’t Blame Me 4:52

12. Hotel Overload 4:16

13. Days Of Darkness And Rain 4:32

Lazarus Dream – House Of Cards (Official Video)

Author: Martin Stark

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