Issa – Queen Of Broken Hearts

Issa – Queen Of Broken Hearts

Label: Frontiers Music

Release date: 12th March, 2021 


AOR with an – as always – fascinating and almost angel-like voice. Norwegian female singer ISSA with her sixth (!) album. Slightly epic at times, the material on “Queen Of Broken Hearts“ touches your soul – or is rather the voice? Well, it’s obviously the combination that matters because both is good but together they are amazing. Just check out the unrivaled hook monsters “The Night It Rained Forever“, “After The Rain“ or “Blue“ among others. Imagine a mixture of MAGNUM, early H.E.A.T. and CHEZ KANE and here we are. Brought to life in close collaboration with Frontiers Music in-house songwriter and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE, EDGE OF FOREVER, REVOLUTION SAINTS) with musicians from DGM, VISION DIVINE and HARDLINE, of course. Living in England for some years, ISSA puts out her records on an Italian label making this a real international piece of work. Probably not her very best effort but definitely one of her best! Female AOR as it should be. ISSA rocks!


Martin Stark


1. Angels Calling 3:30

2. The Way Out 3:49

3. The Night It Rained Forever 3:39

4. I’m Here To Stay 3:49

5. Blue 3:56

6. Queen Of Broken Hearts 4:00

7. Derive 4:16

8. Without Love 3:09

9. Wait For Love 3:11

10. After The Rain 3:41

11. Die For A Life With You 4:02

Author: Martin Stark

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