JD Miller – Afterglow

JD Miller – Afterlife

Label: Mighty Music

Release date: October 18th, 2019

Website: jdmiller.rocks

Rather modern sounding rock outfit JD MILLER from Sweden are one of the hottest bands out there in terms of taking AOR / melodic rock onto a completely new level. They can best be compared to fellow countrymen DEGREED who follow basically the same path. What an amazing tour package that would be, by the way… “Afterglow“ starts with the epic “Inside A Dream“ which takes no prisoners and also “In The Afterglow“ with its dense atmosphere will work fine on stage, like basically all of the tracks. This band needs to make it as already their last record “World War X“ (2018) was kind of overlooked for whatever reason. They are simply brilliant and even more important, they truly have quite a unique sound. Let’s hope for “Afterglow“ to finally make in impact that shines bright and brings well-deserved attention to the band. For instance the mighty “Icarus“ and the energetic “Buried Alive“ will leave you with nothing but only one wish: Pressing the “play“ button over and over again. And the last song by the name of “Auburn Skies“ comes with a fascinating and emotional atmosphere. JD MILLER absolutely rocks!


Martin Stark


  1. Inside a Dream
  2. Game Of Love
  3. Inception
  4. Icarus
  5. Light Your Fire
  6. In The Afterglow
  7. The Desire
  8. Burned Alive
  9. The Answer
  10. Devilstorm
  11. Auburn Skies

Author: Martin Stark

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