Carl Dixon – One (Re-Release)

Carl Dixon – One (Re-Release)

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: October 25th, 2019


Completely forgot how good this record is. Originally released in 1993, during the heydays of the terrible grunge movement, this is a Canadian classic from A to Z. Carl Dixon is the frontman of Canuck cult rockers CONEY HATCH and this was his first solo effort. It makes no difference which of the seventeen tracks you choose, you‘ll get hard rock par excellence. “The Blood Rises“ does exactly that to the listener while „More Than A Memory“ reminds me more than once on the mighty Eddie Money (R.I.P.). You can do no wrong with the ballsy APRIL WINE–ish “Through The Fire“. “Against The Night“and “Love Is Waiting“ are the names of the non-syrupy ballads. I could easily extend this list but I‘ll better spend my time giving this CD another spin. In my opinion, this album needed no “sonic improvement“ because the original already sounded very good. But it got one from Chris Lyne (SOUL DOCTOR, MOTHER ROAD) plus two bonus cuts on top. Absolutely necessary for lovers of APRIL WINE, STREETHEART and of course, CONEY HATCH.


Andreas Höhn


  1. One Good Reason
  2. Good Time To Be Bad
  3. The Blood Rises
  4. Taste Of Love
  5. Against The Night
  6. Hard To Leave Hard To Love
  7. Treacherous Emotions
  8. More Than A Memory
  9. Love Is Waiting
  10. Through The Fire
  11. Little Miss Innocent
  12. Love Strikes
  13. Run Reckless
  14. Across The Great Divide,
  15. Get Where I Belong
    Bonus tracks:
  16. Don’t Turn Out The Light
  17. Love Is Waitin’ (acoustic)

Author: Andreas Höhn

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