King Of Hearts – King Of Hearts

King Of Hearts – King Of Hearts

Label: Melodic Rock Records

Release date: November 22th, 2019


Tommy Funderburk (v, AIRPLAY) and Bruce Gaitsch (g, u.a. RICHARD MARX) team up with e.g. CJ Vanston (keys, u.a. TOTO). The result is superb Westcoast meets Melodic Rock and everything is spiced with a great portion of THE EAGLES and STEELY DAN. Handmade, authentic music with a huge production and a remarkable range style-wise. Whereas “California“ is the perfect companion to cruise along the coastline in a convertible car in bright sunshine, the mighty “Say It Now“ has a magnificent DON HENLEY-touch. Another outstanding tunes are “Rose Maria“ with its melancholic side and its amazing hookline or “I Met A Girl“ that is one hell of a laid back song which you want to hear over and over again. Frontman Tommy Funderburk’s voice still has got that magic that put him on records of BOSTON, WHITESNAKE or COVERDALE/PAGE over the years. Nowadays you don’t often get to hear this kind of organic sound. KING OF HEARTS recorded in Jonathan Cain’s (JOURNEY) studio in Nashville. There is so much talent and quality on this record. Hats off! Great record indeed! Essential for lovers of MECCA, TOTO, THE EAGLES or STEELY DAN to name but a few.


Martin Stark


  1. Don’t Wait
  2. California
  3. I Need You
  4. I Don’t Want Your Love
  5. Givin’ Up Easy
  6. Say It Now
  7. Rose Maria
  8. Simple Song
  9. I Met A Girl
  10. What If They Lied

Author: Martin Stark

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