Adrian Benegas – The Revenant

Label: Pride & Joy Music

Release date: November 15th, 2019


Hands Up! Anybody here who DOESN’T know Adrian Benegas?! Honestly, it seems that yours truly most likely missed something here. Mr. Benegas is a fairly young (30 years) keyboarder from Paraguay who used to play in a project band called TRAGUL (well, yeah …?!). For „The Revenant“ he now invited a good deal of high profile players such as Ralf Scheepers from PRIMAL FEAR or Herbie Langhans  from AVANTASIA, Henning Basse (FIREWIND) or Zuberoa Aznarez (DIABOLUS IN MUSICA and the aforementioned TRAGUL). Now considering the above names, it should be clear that this album is definitely not a Westcoast or AOR affair, but an overall bombastic hard hitting collection of tunes. Ralf Scheepers is a worldclass singer who always delivers and thus leaves his very own  personal mark on the track „Servant Of The Death“. Another charasmatic singer on „The Revenant“ is Herbie Langhans  – he shines on one of the best tracks, an anthemic song called „A Change Of Heart“, a clear winner, if you ask me! So, imagine epic Heavy Metal (for reference, the bands above) with a good dose of film score with lots of piano tidbits here and there, and – voila – the outcome will be „The Revenant“! So far, well done, Mr. Benegas! I enjoyed the ride! 


Kai Brockschmidt


01. Servants Of The Death
02. Cadavria
03. Face To Face
04. The Enemy Within
05. Inferno
06. A Change Of Heart
07. Carrier Of The Sunlight
08. The Light Of My Dreams

Adrian Benegas feat. Ralf Scheepers – Servants Of The Death (Lyric Video)

Author: Kai Brockschmidt

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