Khymera – Master Of Illusion

Khyerma – Master Of Illusion

Label: Frontiers Records

Release date: March 6th, 2020


“Master Of Illusion“, the fifth album of the AOR/melodic rock project is a true gem. Once again the mighty Dennis Ward (v/b, ex Pink Cream 69, UNISONIC, MAGNUM) sings lead vocals and produced the record in a pretty pristine and powerful way. According to him, it’s a way to express himself and “experience total artistic freedom“. The surprisingly heavy “The First Time“ or the powerful “Walk Away“ are examples for rather heavy songs whereas “Victim Of Your Love“ showcases the extremely melodic and keyboard-driven side of the record. Another outstanding song is the very melodic “The Rhythm Of My Life“. Whereas Felix Bohnke played drums on the last record „The Grand Design“ (2015), this time around Pete Newdeck (MIDNITE CITY, ex EDEN’S CURSE), who also has a brillant voice and sang backings, took over duties. It might certainly be one of those very many (Frontiers) projects out there which probably never see a stage but – and that’s important foremost – the music is nothing but fantastic. Timeless AOR/melodic touching the shores of hard rock at times. Not a single weak track an the album. That’s true magic. Love it! You can’t do it much better…


Martin Stark

Track List: 

1. Walk Away 4:03

2. The First Time 4:22

3. Master Of Illusions 4:28

4. The Sun Goes Down 4:34

5. Paradise 4:12

6. The Rhythm Of My Life 3:59

7. Follow The Sun 4:37

8. Father To Son 4:31

9. After All This Time 3:52

10. Victim Of Your Love 3:45

11. Let It Happen 5:06

Author: Martin Stark

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