Hysteria – Rock Police (EP)

Hysteria– Rock Police (EP)

Label: Self Released 

Release date: out now

Website:   https://www.hysteriamusic.ch

KROKUS retired, SHAKRA and GOTTHARD not as good as they were in the past – there really is a time to worry about Swiss Hard Rock. But help is on its way from a band called HYSTERIA.  No similarities to the Def LEPPARD sound here at all, this talented five-piece seems to climb out of a time capsule coming from 1988 Sunset Strip. Although we only have an EP on offer with just six tracks clocking under half an hour, the guys definitely know how to deliver. Crunchy guitars, a very good singer and songs burning in your brain from the first listen – what more can you ask for? The title cut is a clear winner, but none of the other cuts are bad at all. The artwork is an eye-catcher and sending a smile on your face and the production handled by Markus Schildknecht. In my opinion, the bunch is definitely prepared  for their first longplayer in the not too distant future. So grab yourself a copy and start recalling the “Good Ol‘ Times“!   


Andreas Höhn

Track List: 

1. Rock Police

2. Good Ol‘ Times

3. Fight Back

4. Teacher Next To Me

5. Right Between The Eyes

6. When Time Has Come

Author: Andreas Höhn

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