Interview: Hysteria – New hope for Switzerland?!

HYSTERIA – New Hope For Switzerland?!

Although the band name might suggest it, HYSTERIA from Switzerland are not a DEF LEPPARD clone. But because KROKUS retired and SHAKRA aren’t as good as in their heydays anymore, new Hard Rock power is definetely needed. And guess what, the guys deliver with their excellent second EP “Rock Police”. Reasons enough to have a chat with frontman Tom Hoochy Coo.

For there probably might be none of our readers ever heard the name HYSTERIA before – would you please be so kind and introduce the band?

Hysteria is a Swiss based Hard Rock/Hair Metal Band founded back in 2013 by Arni (Guitar), Manu (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Mäse (Drums), little later joined by Luke (Guitar). I took over the lead vocals in January 2017 after Manu had to stop singing due to health issues.

What about the musical influences of the band members?

Our musical influences are mostly 80’ Hard Rock, Hair Metal, AOR and Southern Rock.

Hysteria – Rock Police (EP)

Are you all professional musicians or do you need additional 9 to 5 jobs to get the bills paid?

We all have day jobs and unfortunately for us music is still just an effortful, time-consuming leisure activity without gaining a personal salary.

The name of your group is the same as the most famous DEF LEPPARD record. Musically you have not much in common with the guys from Sheffield. Where does the name HYSTERIA come from?

The founding members thought HYSTERIA was a catchy name related to the 80’s. Of course we’re all huge DEF LEPPARD fans as well. And I’m not sure, but I guess they were expecting many hysterical girls in the crowd of our shows, haha.”

How does the usual HYSTERIA song writing take place?

Usually one of the string section comes up with some riffs or already arranged music. Then it gets improved collectively. When the instrumental is complete, one of us or some together write the lyrics and create the singing melody.

You released two EPs in your career. So far why just a few songs and not a propper long player? Is your motto “All killer – no filler”?

That’s exactly the point. All killer – no filler! There are always some leftovers which we don’t think are worth it to record. It’s also a question of money, because the costs for the producer and the studio were calculated per number of tunes. In addition we guess nowadays it’s better to release something more frequently, than leaving huge gaps between releases.

The reason we are talking is your newest effort “Rock Police”. Not only the cover art is an eye catcher, but the idea of complaining about the guys coming to your shows without even having played guitar ever is great. Who had the idea for the song?

It was Arni who suggested writing a song about these guys who attend rock shows not for having fun, but for complaining about every single misplayed note.

Which of the tunes on the album mean the most for you personally and why?

For me it’s “Good Ol’ Times” because I like to indulge in memories about the time I was young. But also “Rock Police” means a lot to me, because sometimes I even catch myself being that one attending a show without having fun and complaining about the band on stage. So I see it as a reminder to enjoy live music even if it’s not perfect.

After two excellent “previews“, you are more than prepared for your first full long play CD. It might be quite a task to get better than on „Rock Police“ or what do you think?

I think it’s always possible to improve yourself, even if it’s not that easy and only notable in small steps. Music is also a lot about taste and improvement not really measureable while prospective releases could possibly be different in style.

If it is possible again – which band would be your dream to share the stage with?

For me this would definitely be AEROSMITH, because of my singer idol Steven Tyler.

Thanx for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck and fun in the future!

Andreas Höhn

Author: Andreas Höhn

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